iPhone 13 Leaks & Latest News: What To Expect In 2021…

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Apple’s iPhone 13 will get a launch and release date in 2021. There will be several models across a range of price points. Here’s the latest news…

The release of Apple’s iPhone 13 is over 12 months away still. But technology moves fast; once work on a new phone, in this case, the iPhone 12 is complete, development turns to its successor, in this case, the iPhone 13.

If you’re interested in finding out all the latest news about Apple’s iPhone 13, this is the place to be – so add a bookmark. As soon as a story about the iPhone 13 breaks, it will be included below. In the end, or by the time we get the iPhone 13 launch, we’ll probably have over 200 updates below!

Latest News: iPhone 13 Leaks & Updates (Newest First)

August 21 – The iPhone 13 Probably Won’t Be Foldable (But The iPad Might Be)…

Foldable phones are expensive. They have also yet to really take off; do you actually know anybody that owns one? I don’t. For this reason, and the fact that this trend probably won’t change one iota inside the next couple of years, I really do not see Apple making a foldable iPhone in 2022 when the time comes for the iPhone 13 to launch.

The entire foldable concept has yet to prove itself. And just like larger displays before it, Apple will almost certainly bide its time. Only when foldable phones are commonplace, like phablet-sized displays in the late 20-teens, will Apple bring a foldable to market – and that’s a big WHEN because foldable phones do not look like they’re catching on.

foldable ipad
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We could see a foldable Apple product though, according to leaks, but it won’t be an iPhone; rather, it will be an iPad. A bunch of patents have surfaced in 2020 that show how Apple plans on making its iPad foldable. Whether this foldable iPad will actually happen is anyone’s guess – but there is R&D being done on it inside Apple’s HQ.

And for the record, a foldable iPad (or any tablet device, for that matter) is probably a lot more useful than a foldable phone. Think about how you use a tablet; it’d lend itself much better to the foldable format. I could definitely see a foldable iPad doing really well with consumers, especially if it had an OLED display and great reading modes – it’d be like a digital book!

Even with patents filed and R&D happening, it still doesn’t mean the foldable iPad is coming to the market. Apple builds and tests tons of concept designs. When you have billions of dollars in the bank, you can afford to indulge your whims. Still, ever since I heard about the possibility of a foldable iPad, I kind of can’t get the idea out of my head…

July 24 – Periscope Lens Coming To iPhone 13 For Better Zoom

Apple’s likely got some big updates for the iPhone 12’s camera array, but the really big changes, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, will be reserved for the iPhone 13 in 2021. According to the analyst, Apple is in the process of forming new relationships with two new lens suppliers, South Korea’s SEMCO, and China’s Sunny Optical.

SEMCO will apparently be providing Apple with a new periscope lens for the iPhone 13. The periscope lens will be small enough to fit inside a standard camera module and will provide zoom capabilities ranging from 30x to 50x, and even a 100x zoom to the iPhone 13, though this new capability will likely be reserved solely for Apple’s most expensive flagship models.

Apple currently sources its lens from Taiwan’s Genius Electronic Optical, though it is unclear whether the company will be providing support past the iPhone 12. As it stands, the addition of a 100x Zoom lens on the iPhone 13 Pro Max would make for a huge uplift in performance, especially for those that use their iPhones for professional shots.

June 24 – USB Type-C & iPhone: The Rumor That Refuses To Die

Every year we get a new iPhone, and every year, prior to that iPhone coming out, someone publishes an alleged leak about that particular iPhone running a USB Type C port in place of Apple’s long-standing Lightning port. This happens every year, so it comes as no surprise that we are now hearing about “plans” by “Apple” to switch its iPhone 13 range over to USB Type C.

But here’s the problem, when dealing with salacious rumors: stuff starts to contradict itself. Case in point: the iPhone 13 – according to some – will be the first every portless iPhone, and by portless they mean it will have no ports – no lightning, and no USB Type, either. Perhaps the portless iPhone will be exclusive to one model only? The iPhone 13 Pro Max, for instance? If so, sure, there’s room for USB Type C on Apple’s other iPhones.

iphone 13 usb type c
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And there is that EU ruling to consider as well, the one that states ALL new phones must run the same USB Type C charging port.

So? How did the iPhone 13 USB Type C rumor start? It comes via Economic Daily, a blog dedicated to tracking the comings and goings of technology suppliers. According to the ED, Apple’s tasked Longwell with supplying it with USB Type C for a “variety of products” – including the 2021 iPhone. Longwell will produce 30% of Apple’s USB Type C ports, while Japan’s Sumitomo will take care of the rest.

That’s all we know for now. It’s not concrete, it’s not solid. But, as rumors go, it is one of the more believable we’ve seen to date given what’s going on in the EU and how much simpler life would be for all concerned if Apple just upped and switched to USB Type C.

June 16 – Apple’s “Foldable” iPhone 13 is More Surface Duo Than Galaxy Fold 2

It’s silly season, so why not talk about the prospect of a foldable iPhone 13? According to online Apple mage, Jon Prosser, Apple is currently hard at work on a foldable iPhone that it might release in 2021. And, yes, that would mean it is either the iPhone 12s or, more likely, the iPhone 13 – big changes ALWAYS require new numbers.

Oddly, Apple’s vision of how a foldable iPhone should work is closer to Microsoft and LG’s take on folding phones rather than Samsung and Huawei’s more seamless style. The “foldable” iPhone – which we’re gonna call the iPhone 13 – will apparently be made up of two distinct panels that are fixed together via a hinge a la Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

foldable iPhone 13
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Prosser says the finished design will look “fairly continuous and seamless” – though based on the concept art he shared, I can’t say I agree – it looks pretty messy. Especially when compared to Huawei’s beautiful Mate Xs and Samsung’s incoming Galaxy Fold 2, both of which run seamless, folding OLED panels.

Obviously, you’ll want to take all of this with a pinch of salt. Prosser is even careful to use the word “prototype” in his description, so this is most likely nothing like what we’ll see come 2021. Apple will likely have multiple prototypes on the go, maybe as many as 20-30 designs; this is common practice when working on a new design.

My guess? When the folding iPhone does eventually arrive it will look more like the Huawei Mate XS than the Microsoft Surface Duo. And that’s probably a good thing because the image Prosser shared looks, well… kind of like one of LG’s castoffs. There is no way Apple would come to market with a foldable phone that didn’t surpass what Samsung and Huawei are currently producing.

June 11 – The End of The Notch on iPhones? Quite Possibly…

According to reports, Apple was in the process of testing a notch-less design for its incoming iPhone 12 range. The idea, apparently, was to stuff all the notch-housed technology inside the earpiece, saving room up top and opening up the possibility of an all-screen iPhone.

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However, these plans were put on hold and tabled for “future” iPhone releases – perhaps 2021’s iPhone 13 range (or at least one of them). Ben Geskin reckons one of Apple’s 2021 iPhone models will utilize this new design, claiming the phone will not only be portless but also have Apple’s FACE ID and TrueDepth camera system housed inside the top bezel.

Which iPhone will this be? Given that the source claims it’ll be the one with a 6.7in display, it’s clear that Apple will try this new display and portless design out on its most expensive model, the iPhone 13 Pro Max – or whatever it is eventually called. Apple sells fewer high-end iPhones than its standard, entry-level models, so trailing new features on it makes sense, especially if something goes wrong.

June 8 – iPhone 13 “Prototype” w/ ZERO Ports Leak Online

The idea that Apple will get rid of all ports on future iPhones is not new; there’s been talk about a portless iPhone ever since Apple did away with the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

As it turns out, the iPhone 12 range will still feature Apple’s lightning connector for charging purposes, as well as wireless charging too. But things will change in 2021, apparently, with the release of the first portless iPhone in the form of one of Apple’s iPhone 13 range – most likely the flagship model.

And there are some rather dubious mock-ups of what the iPhone 13 might look like, sans ports. The images come via a Japanese blog with a decent track-record, though YouTube leaker-stroke-Apple-mage, Jon Prosser, reckons they’re bunk. Either way, they’re included below, so have a look and see what you think.

how many iphone 13 models are there
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How will it charge? Simple: ultra-fast wireless charging. OnePlus is currently leading the pack in this context with its OnePlus 8 Pro, but Apple likely has something special up its sleeve for 2021. Why else would it get rid of all the charging ports? Apple’s current iPhone wireless charging is pitifully slow. My guess is that Apple has something akin to 30W wireless charging on its roadmap for 2021…

June 3 – iPhone 13’s Camera Specs Leaked

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max were the first iPhones to use triple-lens cameras. In 2020, Apple will likely stick to this format, focussing on improving the performance and sensors rather than adding in an entirely new sensor. This is how Apple does things; it takes small, incremental steps forwards.

In 2021, however, things will take a leap forwards with respect to the iPhone 13’s camera technology. According to recently leaked information, the iPhone 13’s camera will feature a quad-array of lenses. Here’s what you can expect from the iPhone 13 camera if this leak turns out to be legit:

  • Wide 1x optical zoom (6x digital zoom) 64mp
  • Telephoto 3x-5x optical zoom (15-20x digital zoom) 40mp
  • 64mp anamorphic lens (2.1:1)
  • 0.25x min ultra-wide (optical reverse zoom) 40mp
  • Li-Dar 4.0


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